Tuesday 26 January 2010


We are not too sure about the new improvements for Air New Zealand. We have travelled all three classes long haul. Biz class lie down was good. We shared the back row premium economy against a bulk head and quite frankly wondered what the difference was from economy as the seat did not fold back much. And as for economy - well we aint twiggy. So it was a drag.

So we like the couch idea - its bloody smart and if you end up in a half full plane - there is a fair chance you could end up with the row all to yourself. What we cant understand is it looks now like you get a better deal in the economy couch aisles than in Premium economy.

So it will be interesting how they ration the economy couches.

However its good to see they are thinking laterally. And all this from a man who sells his used undies for charity.

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