Wednesday, 13 January 2010


We wish that Hone would stick to saving Maori from the ills of Tobacco. His statement about pakeha being responsible for raping the land is racist at worst and disingenuous at best. And we agree with the Prime Minister - Hone is not doing this country any good with his inflammatory statements like this .

Last year I made the statement that white so-and-sos have been raping our lands and ripping us off and everyone hated me. All I was doing was holding up a mirror to New Zealand," Mr Harawira said.

You see we have witnessed many examples where Maori haven't got a hell of a good track record either. The decline of wood pigeons and korure in the south are a very good example. They tasted good - we gorged on them and as a result they are a bit thin on the ground these days.

And there plenty of examples where Maori through ignorance and greed have wiped species out and when it comes to black market trade in seafood - I bet a damn fine bottle of wine there is a Maori involved somewhere in the crime chain in almost all fisheries cases.

So we are really over Hone and his holier than thou attitude. Maori and Pakeha alike can share in the blame for the rape and pillage of our flora and fauna.

So its time to for him to get off his bloody high horse. He needs to make up his mind if he is going to be an activist who lives to rake over the embers of our imperfect history to fuel the fires of discontent or a role model for better lifestyles and behaviours of his people. At the moment he is simply a bloody disgrace. Still all Tama No Toa.

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