Wednesday 6 January 2010


Well well, we said this would happen - the fancy plastic fantastic Ady Gil would come to a sticky end as it tried to intervene in the Japanese fishing fleet going about its lawful business of whaling in the Antarctic.

However, our sources say that the Ady Gil has a scrunched bow and is taking on water... a far cry from the Sea Shepard wankers claiming it has been " cut in half."

Iff you watch ththe second video here - it's clear it was a suicide mission.

How odd. they would have been better to have joined the whales here in NZ and run the silly looking thing aground when the whales do their seasonal stranding - it would have been much simpler and then the lovely men from DOC would have come and slurped water over them given them a pat and sent them back to sea.

In all seriousness - this means the war has escalated. Someone will die.

Sea Sheppard should be prevented from docking in any NZ port. They have broken a raft of maritime laws and should be deemed international pirates.


Anonymous said...

let's just hope the first death in the conflict will be from the whaler's side...

Anonymous said...

You can clearly see the Japanses vessel turn hard to starboard intentially. The scummy fuckwits on the Japanese vessel have dilliberatly gone out to sink another ship, then aimed the water cannons at the crew of a sinking vessel.

Should I even point out that they ignored the mayday pleas? This despite two years ago when a scumbag whaler fell off his ship the Steve Irwin offered to help find him.

Personally I'd like to see another Hiroshima!

Anonymous said...

You don't happen to be working for that NZ publicity firm that has the contract from the Whaling Commission Roarprawn? This 'blog' is very new.

Anonymous said...

you fucking retarded slanty eyed mother fucker , you are a star in your own mind

Anonymous said...

Roarprawn and busted, you both are a serious crock of shit. THe films show nothing of the sort. The japanese deliberately rammed a motionless Andy Gil. Stop wanking yourself to a frenzy, for you have absolutely no clue. You rotten pricks are no better than the pirate Japanese and their illegal whaling activities. I only hope that the Japanese are taken to court for the damage caused. the attempted murder of the crew on the Andy Gil and that the Japanese ships all get what they clearly deserve. To be sunk !!! Arseholes !

Anonymous said...

Is this blog run by Omeka?

deitynigel6888 said...

my goodness, the whaley propagandists are out in force today arent they. Liars the lot of them of course, but that is only to be expected.

I see some of the anonymous fools dont seem to understand the difference between port and starboard too.

So a bunch of pirates deliberately force their boat under the bows of a whaler, which happens to be an illegal act, and this is now somehow all the whalers fault.

Well let me suggest this is Japanese whaling fleet 1, sea shepherd 0.

Let the eating of whale bacon commence.

PM of NZ said...

BB, Clearly your post here has attracted the whale hugging dregs of the blogosphere, so I hope you don't mind if I stick my oar in here.

Looking closely at the wakes of both the steel ship and the plastic fizz-boat, it is obvious that the said plastic chilly-bin sped up from idle and drove under the bows of a much larger ship taking evasive action to avoid a collision on the high seas.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO ....seriously funny

whats the bet its the first wash those hippies have had in the last few years