Tuesday 5 January 2010


We have had a dam fine Xmas break. We refrained from blogging till today and concentrated on enjoying the company of our parents and just kicking back. We introduced them to a range of our mates and they all enjoyed their company and suspect they may get the odd visit if our friends tour down south.

Things we will remember most about this Christmas are:

Seeing mum and dad back in a hay paddock , which was where they met over fifty years ago was pretty cool.We baled about 500 bales over a couple of days and we wouldn't have got there if it wasn't for their help.

Newbolds in Masterton
We got a new 90cm oven delivered 3 days before Xmas. 3 hours after it was delivered there was a calamity as the Aussie Rock and dad had a mishap as they were putting the gib up on our very high ceiling and one of the beams they were working with hit the glass oven door and shattered it . We got a replacement a day before Xmas. It cooked a boned out 7.5kg turkey and two legs of lamb all at once. Newbolds slogan is 100% - well we reckon they undersell themselves. They gave us 110%. We probably wont go past them to buy dishwashers, and other assorted stuff we need.

Our gardens ... They provided us with heaps of good stuff to eat.

Mates - we had a few visit over the holidays and we had heaps of fun with them all. We are expecting them all to be at our 50th in July.

Our own Jersey Bennies. We have had lots of feeds and they are wolfed down by everyone. Waxy, sweet and delicious they were the stars of the garden.

Chloe. - the Rock's daughters dog. Sshe is a stunning incredibly well mannered dog who delighted everyone. Even if she did steal the ham we accidentally left out one night and even if she also did a dumpster dog impression in a bid to crunch on some crayfish tail shells in a midnight munchy session.

So we will miss mum and dad - They have been spectacularly good company and their energy leaves us for dead.

However our batteries are recharged and we are ready again to hit the traces and get back to work and of course to blog.. We think that 2010 will be the year of the blogs.....

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