Wednesday 6 January 2010


As we suspected - a suicide mission .

U Tube has taken the video down because it breaches community guidelines - weird as we have seen it reproduced a number of times already.

such as here which is odder as we are the only ones who had it. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

The Ady Gil was clearly at a stand still - ramming another vessel, sinking another vessel and ignoring the distress call of the crew members at risk is an international crime under the Laws of the Sea. You are not fooling anyone, if anything you are simply proving that the Japanese whalers intentionally rammed the Ady Gil with intent to cause bodily harm, Thank you for this video, it is EXACTLY what the anti-whaling community needs. In your ignorance we thank you for striking a blow for us!
For the Oceans
Sara Keltie

Anonymous said...

As the geat-grand-son of a whaler
"Served the silly sods right"

Anonymous said...

And some people think Sea Shepherd are terrorists??? Then what the fuck are the Japanese Whalers?? Hitler of the Ocean? Japan is going down for this one.

kehua said...

The piece of shit trimoron may as well be sunk in the Southern Ocean
prior to this it was rotting in a Helensville factory yard.

Anonymous said...

Sara Keltie you obviously have no conception of what a moving vessel looks like, see the white water behind the Ady Gil? That's an indication of movement, expecting the japanese whaling ship to swing out of harms way and miss it would be like trying to get a fully laden semi trailer to lap Daytona Raceway at nascar speeds. Impossible!!A much smaller, and faster, vessel had the chance to move out of harms way. It didn't ...... It's now at the bottom of the ocean.
I don't condone what the japanese are doing at all, but next time step back and look at things, and calm down before you comment. Anyone else not agree with me?

PM of NZ said...

Looking at the wake, what I see is Ady Gil sped up, without changing course, attemting to cross the bow of the Jap ship underway at speed, failing to take any evasive action to avoid a collision at sea.

On the other hand the Jap ship veered hard-to-port to avoid the collision. Unfortunately a ship slides sideways as it tries turn sharply at speed.

1-0 to Japs against pirates. Well done.

I fully agree with BBoy - the Antarctic oceans are not the place to arguing legalities. The Jap ship is going about its lawful business, irrespective of what some nutters think about whaling.

Concerned UK said...

This video just shows why we need the Sea Shepherd as the Whalers are out of control. It's about time the international communities did something to stop the needless killing, before someone dies......

workingman said...

Sara and Anonymous 9.01pm

The rules of the sea as I understand them are that small ships (The Ady Gil) give way to large ships. However there is no 'right of way' at sea and thus all ships, including the Japanese Whaler, have to do all they can do to avoid a collision.

From the end of the video it is clear the whaler did not steer into the Ady Gil, otherwise you will see the wake of the ship to the left when the video looks back. In fact I would go as far as to say the whaler was turning away from the Ady Gil, as from 39 secs onwards you can see the wake from the whaler to the right, thus showing the whaler had been turning from the Ady Gil.

It is also clear that the Ady Gil did not do all it could to avoid collision as it made no attempt to avoid collision until the last seconds, by which time it was too late.

So this looks like pretty conclusive evidence that the Ady Gil, with engines able to work (see 17 seconds onwards where the engines are powered up to try and avoid the collision), stopped in the way of a larger ship. This goes against all the sea rules I know.

Now roarprawn has relatives who work on trawlers (to the best of my memory), so they will be able to confirm if my understanding is correct or not.

So I think this video is the opposite of what you claim, and that it will support the captain of the whaler going about his lawful business on the high seas.

Cactus Kate said...

Good stuff BB. About bloody time there was a bit of fight back from those in the industry. We have always known you are pro-sustainable whaling!

Anonymous said...

Video removed from youtube!

Cactus Kate said...

Here's a better view complete with swearing....awesome.

Psycho Milt said...

[Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson] said it was idling in waters near Commonwealth Bay when it was suddenly approached and rammed by the Japanese ship Shonan Maru.

Certainly looks like that's what happened from the video - Ady Gil's clearly idling and making only steerage way until the crew realise they're going to be rammed, which would have been reasonably difficult to realise while being bombarded by water cannon. The whalers presumably only meant to give them a scare, but a ship isn't a precision instrument. Hopefully the captain will get what's coming to him for this.

Anonymous said...

Sea Shepherd claim to be pirates, but the moment something goes wrong, they start yelling about law and order.

Murray said...

I concur with PM who by the way is a former sailor. The Sea Sheapard was showing cavitation and its behaviour puts it in the class of priacy.

Milt you might want to get more maritime experience than the plastic toys in your bath before offering your "expert" opinion.

deitynigel6888 said...

'get whats coming to him"?
A medal I trust.

Its about time these idiotic "for the sea" people grew the fuck up.

The sea pirates go down there to generate publicity footage. Every year they try something new to sensationalise and get some coverage. This year they obviously decided that having a sacrificial boat destroyed would be a good look.

So thats what happened. Good for the yard too, as it has finally got the boat out of the way, lets just hope Sea Shepherd had bought it and not leased it, because I doubt very much the insurance would pay out.

deitynigel6888 said...

c'mon Milt where's your critical faculties. A boat capable of 40 knots, is "suddenly approached" by a ship capable of maybe 14 knots.

Said boat is somehow unable to move out of the way.

Even if the Japanese ship had deliberately gone after them, this fails critical reasoning 101.

alex Masterley said...

Looks like both vessels were playing chicken.
Which is very dumb.

First rule of seamanship, don't do anything that will put your vessel or crew at risk of collision.

Strictly speaking the Japanese flagged vessel as give way vessel had to keep clear of the AG.

But as it appears, to me at least, the AG kept moving into the Japanese vessel's course without any attempt to avoid a collision ( by turning away to starboard for example) liaility from a legal pespective would be shared equally imho.

Looks like you've touched a raw nerve BB. Well done.

PM of NZ said...

PM, can I suggest you take a very close look at the video taken from the Japanese Ship, not the head on view from the Bob Barker. The lumpy swell makes for poor video in the head on view.

The Jap video clearly shows the Ady Gil accelerated from idle and deliberately drove under the bows to of the Jap ship which iaw with maritime law took evasive action to avoid collision. The wake of the Jap ship is also clearly visible in that same video.

Anonymous said...

I'm opposed to whaling, but I find this very sad.

The 'rules of the road' are that when at sea, you give way to boats crossing from starboard (your right). Small vessels don't have to give way to large ones - that only applies in a harbour (or if it's restricted in its ability to manoeuvre).

Even if you have right of way, as Ady Gil did, you still have to do everything in your power to avoid a collision.

To me it looks like the whaling ship was not giving way, and I can't see any evidence of it turning to port.

But (from this perspective) the Ady Gil appears to be idling and there wouldn't have been a collision - until they sped up. I'd like to see video from the Ady Gil as well.

If this is true I think it's wrong on many levels. If they intended to ram a whaler then they should do it properly and honestly.

I suspect this is an attempt to make it seem like the Japanese were doing something they weren't. The whalers are doing enough wrong without creating stuff like this - now everyone is arguing about Sea Shepard's honesty rather than the issue.

Marty Mars said...

the wee ship rammed the big ship - yeah right. That's like saying sorry for my face hurting your hand - when you hit me.

Gosman said...

It doesn't look like the Ady Gil was trying to avoid the collision at the last moment. In fact it looks like the accelerated INTO, not away from, the Japanese ship at the last minute.

The use of water canon by the Japanese ship is also an indication that the Japanese were trying to drive the Ady Gil away from them. Why would they be doing this if they wanted to ram them?

Anonymous said...

Ok I take it back (7th anon comment) - having seen the second video it's clear the Japanese turned to starboard - towards Ady Gil. So they are at fault.

I'm surprised at how much difference the camera angles make, although I suppose I shouldn't be.

The Ady Gil may or may not have being trying to avoid a collision at the end - reversing or turning hard to starboard would be better options.

But regardless of this, the Japanese ship caused the collision.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it - whaling's on the way 'out', the Japanese are being pressured by the international community to let it go and eventually, they'll have too. Good on the Sea Sheppards. If you were out there at sea experiencing those whales in their natural habitat, it'd be pretty difficult to avoid feeling profoundly moved by those incredible beings. And if you weren't deeply affected, you'd have to have to be one hardened mofo. Budgieboy I couldn't agree less, hopefully the Japanese will take the hint, adjust their archaic attitudes, and move on! The Sea Sheppard team represent millions of people world-wide who want to support the whale population to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Here, all you pathetic armchair sailors, read the regs, then pontificate on the rights and wrongs of the prang.

Having spent some quite considerable time in just such close quarters situations, I can say that the International Collision Regs notwithstanding,that "might is right" if you want to live, and, as is quite clear, the JA was turning to port AWAY from the AG, and all AG had to do is given her a touch astern and he would have been clear - powered ahead to get under the JA's bow!

AG has enough horsepower to have been halfway to Australia before the JA got even close to her.

My conclusion is that AG's master is either a bloody amateur or it was deliberate.

RoarPrawn, ask your fishing rellies about bluefinning among the hoki fleet.