Sunday 17 January 2010


Well, after a lovely weekend in the sunny city of sails catching up on some mates and the associated gossip, we understand that about 7 of the columnists and other contributors for the NBR print edition were given their marching orders post Xmas.

Now apart from occasionally getting the print version to read Matthew Hootons fine columns, we are happy to pay for the racier and pithier online version.

We also think it must be very easy to monitor the popularity of the online NBR journalists and contributors.

There really is no need for lengthy performance contracts and KPI's these days. Simply track the clicks to a journalist's stories and the amount of comment it provokes and you have a clear idea who the public wants to read.

So does this mean that Mr Colman sees the end of the line for the print versions of one of the most iconic business press brands and the dawn of the new age for the new media?

We think so... And we will happily pay for the online subscription as it keeps getting better and better.

Note - We have no financial connection to the NBR other than as a subscriber.

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