Saturday 9 January 2010


We often get asked what is the best recipe for Crayfish. Cactus has a new kitchen to play in and she has bought herself a crayfish.

Well we served up boiled Crayfish on xmas eve with fresh bread and butter - didn't talk much as we were too busy getting up close and personal with the cray tails.

However there is one way to serve it , which we did at a birthday party a few years back which is now the stuff of legend.

It was just boiled slightly salted crayfish and meltedbutter - not fancy nancy herby butter - just melted butter oozing all over the warm crayfish. Buckets of butter.

And cracked pepper for the ponces.

We suggest Cactus does the same and spreads out paper on the floor of her kitchen, puts the buttery crayfish on a plate and sits on the floor cross legged and eats it like it is the first meal she has had in a week. Slurping and tearing at it revelling in the sensual pleasure of the grease and ozanic scent of the lobster.

Oh and this is all best done naked and with someone else. .. True..


pdm said...

When we lived in Gisborne in the late 70's early 80's we used to buy crayfish bodies from the wharf - on the Kaiti side somewhere.

We would put newspapaer on the table and any number from 4 to 8 of us would sit round and tear into them. Salt,pepper and vinegar were available for those that wanted them but good table manners were not required.

alex Masterley said...

Add champers, the real stuff, and you will be a freind for ever!