Sunday 24 January 2010


We are tearing towards one of lifes great milestones - our fiftieth birthday. It hasn't crept up on us, rather its raced up to us and is now jumping up and down like some demented fox terrier demanding attention.

Now we don't really feel even close to 50. More like 42. Not sure why we think 42 - maybe it was the year we grew up a bit and we have plateaued there abouts ever since.

Now with age comes girth. Well for most of us.Charlotte Dawson is very thin. but she has had a bit of work. We are au naturelle. Wrinkles, dimples, bumps, bulges, sags and bags.

Now Cactus has suggested that this country has a problem with obesity - and it has. We fit into that camp. Funny really when we have problems fitting anywhere else. We have about 4 inches to go on our Air New Zealand lap belt before we have to get the fat bastards extension - so its time for some action.

Being big aint easy. We haven't bought a pair of jeans that dont come embedded with lycra or spandex or fitted with elastic waists since we were - 42. They are sort of fat old tarts pull ups. Its a bit like the advert below for the kids cross over nappies. They are pull ups - they are nearly undies but not quite. Well we wear pull ups pants too. Nearly jeans but not quite.

So this is our year of getting rid of a few pounds. We want to lose 50 pounds before our birthday in July .

We are going to use the blog to keep up us honest. There will be a section on the right hand sidebar that will count down to losing 50 pounds.

We will be too embarrassed not to reach our target.. and we are sure that fat hater Cactus will keep us motivated.

So hopefully the bustedblonde will be the bustless blonde.....

Any assistance, advice, ideas, motivation will be well received.

The countdown will start on February 1.


Fiona said...

Ka pai koe and look forward to updates by you all!

adamsmith1922 said...

As someone built on an heroic scale, or as would have been said in a kinder, gentler time - Rubensian, albeit male.

I empathise.

Fortunately when I was 54, some client thought I was his age 44.

Great kudos, until I remembered he was a Pom transplanted to Aussie

Blondini Gang said...

Come to LM with me

Keeping Stock said...

We've set a goal weight of 18kg weight loss this year. As of almost the end of the first month of the year, we have only 19kg to go!

Cactus Kate said...

Well done BB!

The important message is that it is not okay to be morbidly obese and NZers need to stop pussy footing round the topic.

I take it then it will be salad with champagne from now on?

Anonymous said...

gastric bypass shd do it!
Turia has quite 13kg in nine weeks.

kehua said...

Best wishes BB easy as, by killing the bread and butter and drinking water girl, water!! before each meal, You will HAAAAte it but it will reduce the surplus. Kia kaha.

Cactus Kate said...

9.26pm - and she stopped drinking as a result. BB without alcohol? Hummm

homepaddock said...

If I weighed myself each week and graphed the results it would look like the southern alps so this comes from experience:

The bad news is losing weight isn't easy.

The good news is that more energy out and less in works, eventually.

Find some exercise you enjoy and do it for at least 30 minutes at least five times a week. (It's hard to eat when you're puffing and when you get fitter you feel better).

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Savour your food so it satisfies more.

Learn to identify and keep away from empty kilojoules (fat and sugar where they're not needed eg tomato sauce for pasta doesn't need cream.

It's what you do most of the time that matters. If you're going to have a zillion kilojoule treat now and then, make sure it's the best quality, most delicious example you can find. Eat it slowly.

Treat alcohol as if it's chocolate - a glass of wine has a similar amount of calories as a good chunk of chocolate.

Low fat, less sugar, more whole grains, lots of vegetables, some fruit, moderate amounts of lean protein . . .

Fifty pounds in six months is very ambitious, set small, interim goals and celebrate each one.

Good luck.

Medusa said...

We (husband and I) have lost 25kg between us over the past 12 months, we drastically cut down on carbs, no more toast for breakfast, smaller portions too. (We still use butter, I bake scones every week and we do have a drink)
Finally, we invested in a treadmill (not for running - just brisk walking) 20 - 30 minutes before shower every morning. We wish you good luck with your efforts, once your stomach shrinks (and it does) it gets easier, just don't think of it as dieting, it has to be a change to

Medusa said...

oops...... a change to how you cook and what you eat, in smaller portions for one thing, we eat lots of seafood but only do 'fried' once a fortnight (beerbatter blue cod is always to die for as is crumbed scallops but all in moderation, you don't have to give up what you love, just control it.
BTW I sucessfully quit smoking 20 years ago and it was NOT easy, once again....good luck

PaulL said...

Bustless is never good!!

I reckon portion size is the key. It does make sense to go low GI, but some of that low fat food is just crap. I'd rather have a small serving of fat yoghurt than a large serving of low fat. And not that low fat often means high sugar - so not only do they destroy the flavour, you're still feeding in just as many calories. And a calorie of sugar creates more weight than a calorie of fat - since fat takes energy to digest.

The Aitkens diet, if not done to excess, worked very very well for a couple of people I know. The first couple of weeks are nasty, but beyond that it's really just the same as above - control your carbs intake, control portion size, exercise a fair bit. The nice thing is that carbs are often the boring bits of meals, so you have more pasta sauce and less pasta - who could complain about that?