Wednesday, 27 January 2010


weird facts about ACDC

Early AC/DC publicity info claimed Angus Young was born in 1959 - to help his 'schoolboy' image. He was actually born in 1955 – otherwise he would have been gigging with AC/DC aged 14. Angus Young was 18 when AC/DC released debut album High Voltage.

Brian Johnson was in UK band Geordie, we know, but after they split – and before he got the gig with AC/DC - Johnson ran a vinyl car-roofing business in the north east of England.

Malcolm Young's first job after leaving school was as a machine maintenance engineer for a bra company. Rock music saved him from a life of smutty jokes, obviously.

Australia issued a 'Rock'n'Roll' stamp set in 1998. The AC/DC stamp is a picture of Angus Young, with "It's a long way to the top" written across his school bag. AC/DC even have a whole set of themed stamps issued by the Republic of Benin, West Africa (below).

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