Monday 11 January 2010


Geez - we waited today with baited breath for the post we knew would come from Whale Oil. Sadly we know the MP who is rumoured to be at the centre of the latest sex allegations as reported here at the Herald.

We find this one very sad ( if its true) because we have had a bit to do with him over the years and thought he was one of the good guys.

We think that Whale is bloody brave, but in this incident the victim could be a family member and if that is the case we can see some justification for suppression.

However, we have also read the post of Lisa Lewis today, who writes about being abused at a young age and wished that at the time the name of the perpetrator was made public.

Its clear to see that this debate will continue for some time and its a hot issue - Gotcha - Whales website has crashed and our site is getting many hits searching for anything we have published on the MP who is alleged to have been charged with sex offences.

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