Friday 8 January 2010


It's true - we do.
We love horses and cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and kangaroos as well and we have at some time eaten them.

We have slaughtered much of our own food over the years. In fact we estimate we have killed about 40,000 muttonbirds by our own hand ( actually our teeth to be more specific.) We kill them that way because it affords the bird the quickest and most humane death.

So why, many of our mates have asked, are we so " pro whaling?"

We the truth of the matter is that we do not believe we can sit in judgement of another country who , because of history, decides that a species is a delicacy and we are pretty sure that there are many more whales in the sea than the eco terrorists would have you believe. And if a species can be harvested sustainably, then so be it.

We actually enjoy watching whales, and we have seen more than the average punter. The first time we saw a Southern Right Whale was from a low flying helicopter in Foveaux Strait and seeing the majestic creature crest the waves sent a tear down our cheek.

However, we feel the same warmth to the cows and sheep in the paddocks around us. But we are comfortable with killing them to eat. Humanely killing an animal, you want to consume, by your own hand shows more respect than paying someone else to do it.

There is an enormous selective morality among some whaling protesters. Why whales and not cows? And its clear that the whaling argument is as much about anti Asian sentiment as it is about killing a sea mammal. And lets not forget its really all about money.

Charismatic megafauna
are the poster pets of the environmental lobbyists. Lobbyists like Sea Shepard - are in fact money making machines. An organisation that funds the piratical lifestyles of sad old men.
Go to their website and note that you cant read anything until you are forced to consider donating to the cause first.

Now if you really love whales and want to save them - then give this chick some money - she has been researching them for as long as I can remember and she really has the best interests of the big beasts at heart.


Psycho Milt said...

...we do not believe we can sit in judgement of another country...

It's funny how right-wingers squawking about political correctness gets swapped immediately for cultural sensitivity when the subject comes round to slaughtering threatened species for profit.

Marty Mars said...

I agree - what a joke.

"look there's an oil spill from those environmentalists. Quick get the camera - the world will learn of what happens to the pristine environment when environmentalists go bad" - Um - this is what happens when you ram a boat, cut off it's nose - shit falls out of it! Whose fault?