Monday 11 January 2010


It seems the mother country is all a lather over poor wee pwince william having to endure a traditional Maori feast on his visit to NZ.

The 27-year-old will dine at a traditional Maori barbie or "hangi", where the food is cooked in a hole in the ground, and is expected to swallow every single mouthful or else risk offending his hosts, reports the Daily Star.

William is expected to be nibble on the Titi bird, the fatty chicks of the storm-petrel, raw seaweed, kina sea eggs and fiery pepper leaves.

He could also be asked to try chopped eels and the giant-sized hu-hu grub, served lightly grilled and said to taste of strong, chewy chicken.

A source close to the prince said: "During his military training, William had to try all sorts of food during his survival tests, so not much fazes him.

Well the Titi is not a storm petrel - its a shearwater and if the prince eats sushi he will know all about raw seaweed and horopito is now recognised as a pretty impressive condiment.

As for the huhu grubs, well they aren't bad either.

Over the years we have had many many british born lovers of muttonbirds as regular customers. They buy the birds because they remind them of kippers.

So we reckon that William will be just fine. However we expect the Hangi is more likely to include some fish - maybe eels, pork and chicken and some stuffing and there will be a bloody big steam pud as well!


Anonymous said...

Must we feed the poor sod this stone age crap?

Why not offer the man some proper food cooked by Logan Brown or the like?


Blondini Gang said...

I bet there's heaps of people who would happily take his place if the poor boy can't take the pace.

CW said...


You're a funny little pissant. What ever do you mean?

Maybe the hangi Willie boy is going to have will be like the one that the legendary Peter Gordon cooked at Turangawaewae marae last year.