Saturday 9 January 2010


Here's an old fashioned recipe for a pie you can make even if you don't have pastry.

Note - Sorry the pics not ours but it looks a lot like ours...

3 cups of milk
2/3 cup of flour
five eggs
cup and a half of tasty cheese
some finely chopped bacon or ham.
any assortment of veges you have in your garden
including a oniony thing such as spring, red, chives, garlic chives,white or Egyptian and some parsley - we used also broccolini and grated zucchini

So you mix the flour and milk up with a whisk then whisk in the eggs, then the veges and bit of pepper or salt and then put in a greased dish, ( we used the bottom of a black roaster. )

Its a good one for the bach.

It makes its own crust and is a hybrid of an omlette, frittata, and quiche.

Use a moderate oven and cook till springy.. YUMBO!

so simple even Cactus could cook it - if she ever learnt how to cook.


Medusa said...

Cordon bleu kiwi style at its best?

Cactus Kate said...

Oh FFS of course I can cook, this looks like mash.

euminedes said...

its a pie cactus - a pie..

Madeleine said...

My kids made this for lunch, while I sipped vino and supervised. I can attest to its yumness though Cactus might struggle with it, one of the kids making it was a teenager so he's been cooking on and off for a year or so now - he has pikelets down to a fine art...

Maidennz said...

I'm gonna use this for my rowers...yum yum