Wednesday 6 January 2010


Well if polygamy is good enough for South African leader 67 year old Jacob Zuma then we reckon its good enough for Tiger Wood. Lets face it there is a greater honesty and obligation in polygamy than there is shagging around with a few loose women.

We think that as long is it is mutually acceptable then polygamy is fine. So it stands to reason that Tiger harks back to his African roots - so to speak.

And if he had kids to all those women and even if only a few inherited his natural sporting ability - think how richer the golf scene would be.

And we love Tigers melting pot mentality. Never failed to amuse us when we worked in the jail. White boys who were leaders of the pack liked them dusky and vice versa.

We suppose it has something to do with improving genetics.

What's good for the goose should be great for the gander. However we don't think that women are naturally collectors of men. We tend to like 'em one at a time in an orderly fashion with the odd overlap...

Men like the variety. Again probably something to do with improving the species.

And for the record - Tiger is still one of the greatest living sportsman of our time. We salute him for that. But maybe he should become a citizen of South Africa and then he could do right by all his lovelies. ( Although we have to admit some of them looked like well worn retreads. He needs to up his game on that score.)

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Barnsley Bill said...

I thought this was a post about tiger mallard when it popped into the rss feed.
Might as well have been.