Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Tau Henare is gonna kick the cancer sticks. Woohoo!!!

We have to fess up - we publicly gave him arseholes about what a bad role model he was when we spied him puffing up large like some lurking gangsta outside Bowen House one day
Here's what we said at the time:

"And today, to top it all off we saw him standing outside Bowen House looking all belligerent.

But that's not the thing that really pissed us off. No - he was smoking. Looking like a Pall Mall pin up boy. . Having a fag where everyone could see him. Engaging in the one foul practice that kills more of his kin than anything else.

Maori seats on Auckland Super City will not save the lives of any Maori but good role models that kids can look up to , will go a long way from dissuading a generation of impressionable tamariki from taking up the habit that will shorten their life span.

Shame on you Tau, get your shit together and be the man that everyone can admire. Do something for yourself and you will do something good for your people that will make a difference."

And today on Facebook he says he started to smoke last Waitangi Day and he aims to start the journey to being smoke free this Waitangi Day.

He had this to say on Facebook.

"Well, Last Waitangi Day I started smoking again after being off the bloody things for 2 1/2 years. This Waitangi day I am going off them again for good (90% sure) Im doing it for several reasons, 1.Because I really hate smoking, 2. Solidarity with the Maori Affairs Select Committee inquiry into Tobacco use by Maori and its effects on us and the nation ( cant have the chairman being a smoker ), 3. Maybe we can have a smokefree nation by 2020 ( Ill be 60 ). I know its going to be extremely hard but I thought I would use facebook to update you all on a daily basis about how its all going. If anyone else out there in FB land wants to join in, come on in. As roarprawn said once upon a time, polys are role models whether we like it or not. So lets do it on Waitangi Day and Ill keep you all infromed of how Im getting on and Maybe by the time Waitangi day 2011 comes around there will be at least 1000 of us FBs off the tobacco."

We are pleased that our wee rark up helped him make the decision to give up. We have always thought that Tau could be an inspiring role model.. Looks like he is off to a great start on that journey as well. and I know that he will have the support of all my mates in Anti Tobacco land. Even a few in Pro - Tobacco land.
And if Tau can get 1000 Maori to give up smoking in one year then he wont just be a role model he will be a hero . Kia Kaha - go you good thing!

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kehua said...

Tau wants to stop fucking eating as well, he must have put on 40 kilos since coming into parliament in the 90`s. He reminds us of a kunekune in a suit.