Saturday, 20 February 2010


Yesterday saw the end of the BOIL lunches. We ended up at Arbitrageur. That's where we all met through the BOIL, so it seemed fitting. And the food was stupendous. We started with a Russian Crayfish Salad - it was sublime - the sourness of the artichokes mixing with the nutty sweetness of the microdiced carrots and a hint of fennel bound in a delicate salad cream with of course the crayfish in top billing.

We followed that with what has become one of Arbitrageurs signature dishes - Snapper pie, the pastry melts on your tongue , the piping hot filling of snapper, a subtle soubise sauce with a hint of smoked tomato nestled on a creamy mash. Its divine!

For dessert we had a meringue puff on top of vanilla cream and a passion fruit drizzle...

Bliss - we stayed with Quartz Reef bubbles all day and yes we have to fess - lunch started at one and we left at 7pm. Sated.

We then went for a Nightcap at a Bar we will visit again - the Library ... So cool - so dark and smokey and so, so hidden.

We learned two new phrases - "tits like a sucked prunes" and "a face like a bashed bucket. "

We are gonna miss the BOIL.

We never had a lot of girl mates in our younger years but as we get older we have been pleasantly surprised by the good women that now fill our lives.

So the BOIL will be kept up with the gossip and news as she embarks on a career step change in the Hague..Go Well - Good Girl.

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