Monday, 8 February 2010


Remember this ? the Maori Economic Taskforce. Set up deliver on three goals:

The first is, in the short term, to protect and support Māori through the period of economic recession. This goal will involve training for skills and education, investing in resilience for communities and protecting or growing employment opportunities.

The second goal is to think beyond the recession and identify strategic economic development opportunities for Māori. The aim is to lift Māori participation in the economy and unlock Māori potential in the appropriate areas so that Māori can take advantage, and be drivers, of the recovery.

The third goal is to promote and utilise kaupapa Māori and Māori structures as drivers of prosperity. This is a real area of strength that serves to differentiate Māori and enables us to forge our own unique pathway into the future.

We thought at the time it was announced that it was top heavy with too many tired old troughers. It was the only time we had been seriously disappointed with the Maori party. We wanted to see new blood - innovative thinkers.

Well we understand that Price WaterHouse Coopers doesn't have a good relationship with them anymore.


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Anonymous said...

So true, we need some new young energetic troughers.