Saturday, 20 February 2010


We are amazed at the unguided hysteria around RNZ and its future. A facebook page screamin out for RNZ to be "Saved" - duh. It just needs changed.
Its simple, it has to make savings like all government departments. And its interesting to note that the staff of RNZ are now straying into breaching the State services code of ethics which is very very clear that bagging the government and making political statements about your own ministry is an big no no.
RNZ needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new decade. Do away with the froth and the pious pomp and concentrate on good news and info - take the midnight to dawn show - it could be easily automated - simple.
And there would be plenty of other ways to cuts costs. Let Saturday morning be the fertile ground for young broadcasters to test their mettle - it would be cheaper and easier to get sponsorship that with Kim Hill at the helm.

And as we said yesterday - Sell Sean Plunket - He is the RNZ brand .

Put Mary Wilson on in the mornings and Kathryn Ryan on at night. Wilson's voice grates but the caustic cow is very good at her job.

We would be happy to sell the advertising - we think on a commission basis we could become very rich in short order.

UPDATE: and Inquiring Mind has a nice takeout here from Bombed Bradley on Jim Moras afternoon show

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