Monday, 8 February 2010


We got all teary eyed when we saw this in the Press today..
the Annual Maori vs Pakeha Rugby match on Stewart Island.

Its a great game and race relations is always a winner on the day.
We have been to a couple of these matches and even a few more after match functions over the years. Stewart Island is a good place to live if you are a Maori or a pakeha. Life, for the most part, is pretty harmonious.

And despite having respect for each other - they still take the piss.

It would be a better place to celebrate Waitangi Day. It's a melting pot - a good example of what we have become as a nation.

And the Kai there is waaay better than anywhere else.

Paua, mussels, White tail venison, Crayfish, muttonbirds, fab veges, salmon, - the list goes on.

Damn its makin us homesick again for the Land of the Glowing Skies.

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I spent Waitangi Day at a 21st Birthday with a Maori mate of mine.
One of his cuzzies had received the key of the door.
There were other Pakeha too, including Birthday girl's Nan.
Such family events highlight more that we are 'One People' more than any other Waitangi event does.