Wednesday, 17 February 2010


It seems RNZ is in for a bit of scrutiny... So what. We know that the state Radio does not celebrate success, it does no support excellence or individual achievement. So it deserves every ounce of scrutiny it gets. We are pretty relaxed about the possible end of RNZ. Will our lives be the lesser for its demise? Probably not.

The broadcasters who we think are leaders in their field will find a home elsewhere and we will follow them. The millions of dollars that go into RNZ could be better spent developing an online presence for a new generation. A new place that is a trusted source of information, news and analysis. A place that meets the need of a digital age.
A place where all New Zealanders feel at home, a place that doesnt just appeal to intellectual masturbaters and onanists but to anyone in search of integrity and truth.

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thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888 said...

Sadly I tend to agree. I used to really enjoy Natrad, but now its just the usual Luvvies telling us how to think, in their excruciating hectoring PC way.

SO Kim Hill never knew a socialist she didnt hug, and things all Americans are mentally challenged cowboys?

So Chris Laidlaw thinks that everything would be better if people like Chris were running the country.

Do these people need to have a lock on public broadcasting?

THen of course there is the dreadful 9-12 show where we CARE deeply about so much that the GUMMINT needs to do.

Then onto checkpoint on why its scandalous that the GUMMINT doesnt do more for poor people.

... and I mustnt forget the sunday afternoon radio play drivel where happy ethnic communities work through deeply meaningful sociological issues.

I really like Matinee Idle in summer though, the movie reviews are OK and homegrown is interesting, but there is something deeply deeply amiss in the house formerly know as "radionewzealandnational, soundslikeus (tm)"

or NatRad as we still know it.

Morning report is still bonza of course.

I do hope there is still a radio station without commercials for when I am sitting in my chair, colostomy bag attached, drooling quietly in anticipation of my meulied veges later in life though.