Tuesday, 2 February 2010


We have to confess, Fran is a mate. We like her solid, no nonsense approach and the way her moral compass is set. If we had stayed in the media we would have been more than happy to be half the journalist she is.

Now these days we listen to Sean Plunket and Geoff Robinson first thing on RNZ and that's about it. We are too busy to listen during the day.
However we have been alerted to this -click here . Fran O'Sullivan gave a great commentary, lucid, a touch of humour and topical with some insight for the plebs.

Dam good radio it is - So why is it that RNZ still persists with the dry as toast Rod Orum who's very tone is the best sleep pill anyone could ask for? Rod Orum's style is British boring and he has none of the contacts or insights wit or wisdom of O'Sullivan. Everything his says shrieks lefty bias.

Fran, on the other hand, has no problem dishing out a cuff around the ear to business and political leaders across the spectrum, if she thinks they warrant it. She isn't feared but she is respected.

And thats what RNZ commentary needs - a lack of bias and and some steely resolve.

So we reckon its time for a change of gear and that O'Sullivan should be awarded a regular spot on the state broadcaster. Makes good sense and very good radio.

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