Thursday, 4 February 2010


We have been listening to the whispering sands as the tribes and the government gather at Waitangi this weekend. There was a move by the government to consider the notion contained in the fluffy foreshore seabed paper proposal we detailed here. However, we understand that apart from Ngai Tahu, the spurious paper has found little favour among other tribes and there is concern about how the paper came to be leaked. It has lead to a new level of mistrust among many of the parties.

So its probably off the agenda for any meetings between the government and tribal leaders.

We think that there is a fair chance that Ngai Tahu is about to learn that it has fallen out of favour with many powerful tribes. It's to do with a perception that the Southern tribes leaders have become arrogant. And there is growing suspicion that they would rather cut private deals with the Government than look to developing solid, bound- in - law principled solutions that will benefit all Maori.

They have apparently spent close to one million dollars on what the tribal beauracrats call "Strategy and Influence."

Commonly called lobbying.

Money that could have been spent giving our old people a Christmas top up or indeed bolstering the tribal superannuation scheme.

Instead the tribe has spent a million bucks a- hui - ing and a- hongi-ing with politicians and power brokers. Schmoozing. What they have achieved is not clearly obvious to the tribal rank and file. But in Wellington they have succeeded in producing one change. Some tribal leaders and many of the paid lickspittles are now viewed with contempt and suspicion.

While there will be posturing and posing for the cameras at Waitangi, it will be the backrooms where there could be some interesting proposals put forward. Our money is not on Ngai Tahu leading any solution. Sadly - it has become the problem.


Anonymous said...

Well said BB...

I'm glad to hear that other tribal leaders and iwi are aware of the arrogance of Ngai Tahu!

Once again a million on shit!

I totally agree with you, a top up at xmas, or free dental visits, a focus on our lost iwi who abuse drugs and alcohol, or maybe a sum for poor ngai tahu to give their children school books.

This is another example of backdoor deals as you say, propping up their own glory of achieving nothing for our people.

Ngai Tahu is the biggest festering boil of our country.

A million bucks.. I can't afford to buy food this week.. I'm happy to know them at the top are well fed and pandered...

Regards from another Ngai Tahu iwi member at the bottom of the heap..

Anonymous said...

With only a pathetic tribal financial return last year,what in gods name is a million dollars being laundered around to impress and buy friends in high society.

What ever happened to tightening the purse strings on hereford st in 2009?I didnt see that million dollars in the financial report.

Were the tront 18 all aware of this lavish spending by the lone ranger and his 32 year old shark of a legal lap dog?

Couldnt help saving a te reo school, but we can have high society meet and greets of the lifestyles of the sick and famous?

Time to have our elections is near.The tall poppys will fall.Perhaps an external audit of Ngai tahu spending needs to be done and checks done to ensure that permission is granted before such large amounts of tribal moneys are flouted around by the choices of a few who dont really have any tribal support.

As for ms mcmeeking such decisions shouldnt be done for the tribe by someone of such a young age.She might be a good lawyer,but thats all she should be.She is paid to dot the eyes and cross the t's.It is very dangerous to have an ideas person ,legal advisor an implementor of facts all in the same kete.

Look at our current head embarrassment.Started as a chairman,then a supposed tribal leader,then he took on his p.c maori kaiwhakahere title ,sits on more boards than a person could effectively give each a decent contrribution too.

Im sorry Ngai tahu ,but you better act fast.he knows his time is up.As his final f.u. to everyone he is about to commit a travesty that will take decades to get off the tribal mana.

Kaikoura hasnt started their elections.apparently they were starting on jan 10th,2010 as the latest te panui o ngai tahu stated.As a takahanga member i am yet to receive any information from my marae on this process.With four weeks to go roughly till the march 10th deadline,another tutai excuse for more time or a sasha mc meeking legal press statement is to be expected.

As a tribe Ngai Tahu is being publicly lead by Kati kuri.When a dog goes Rabid and starts acting queer you put a bullet in between the eyes.Time for Ngai tahu members to get off there bottoms and act.No more korero , or lets call a hui a fluff ,with no real outcome.

Remember the tribes saying.For us ,our children and those after us?

It should really be at this time...

"For the in club,those willing to submit their morals at the door, and a gesture of giving to keep public opinion and those with eyes open, barely satisfied."