Monday, 15 February 2010


We have been watching the unfolding story of Alison Mau's personal life with half a jaded eye. All ho hum really. So she apparently likes girls.

However, things took an interesting and what we think is a sinister twist today and no - its not the pics of Alison on the front page of Womens Day. that have us worried.

It her use of Breakfast TV and Close Up to fuel her own PR machine.

Celebrities are happy to court the media when they want " their side of the story" published. as Mau did here.

But its not okay when the media write stories they dont want people to see ?

First we get a uppity and outraged Mau giving the mag a broadside about "stalking her." on Breakfast TV .

Then she uses the state broadcaster to take a shot at the boys and girls who make a living out of the gossip of the rich and famous on Close Up.

This is the " top story" on close up tonight - its all about Ali.

Seven minutes of utterly indulgent pap looking at the Seriously Important issue of media divas whining about the apparent injustices metted out to them. Lets just forget about all the stories they have covered about other peoples lives.

There should be a case for Mau to be charged for the teletime she has used to fuel her own PR machine. Bad form and a seriously misuse, no actually abuse of public resources.

wonder what her kids thought of the Santa Kini...

My - my hasn't she come a long way.

Can we have some real news please?


Paul McBeth said...

That's a little uncharitable - Ali gave us some of the best television in the 1990s when Marcus would giggle hysterically on Newsnight as Si and Ali drooled over each other's nubile young bodies......

It was good to be a teenager in the decade of nihilism....


Unknown said...

Well written! Still think Ali is very cute though. Sigh!

Sandgroper said...

I'd bet the lesbianism doesn't last.


That was a rather unfortunate comment about those Russian and Czech tennis players!!