Saturday, 13 February 2010


We were gobsmacked we when saw this on Kiwiblog. And Otago Conservation Board member Andrew Penniket is advocating banning camper vans. Reckons they add nothing to the economy and they foul up the country side and clog up the roads. What a supercilious dickhead.

It would mean that Ma and Pa in the beloved Bugsys Burrow would be confined to barracks. No more travelling the countryside, no more mental stimulation, no more freedom, no more making friends.

We have travelled heaps with them over the years - in fact the tent in the pic was my bedroom for ten days a couple of years back.

Now Ma and Pa dont even leave a footprint anywhere - they are the quinessential tidy kiwis.
However one of the biggest problems they often face is the lack of facilities to dump rubbish. Now if Penniket was smart he would be getting DOCto ensure that there were plenty of rubbish tins and recycling places around the country. That would solve some of the problem. The only thing we agree with is that it is important for Campervan companies to to ensure visitors know the rules.

Andrew Penniket is good with pictures and
he has been on the Otago Conservation Board for a while maybe its time for some one who has some vision.


gravedodger said...

I will lookout for Bugsys Burrow, are they "wings" members. You are spot onwith your post, everyone I know in the NZMCA are sooo responsible in fact it is now a precondition to membership to be "certified self contained", a standard that equates to a drainage sign off for a new or renovated house.
Thanx for the boost to us turtles out their carrying our shell and getting to know more of our beautiful land.

Anonymous said...

campervans ... hmmm ... they don't pick up hitchhikers but ...


Watermannz said...

Mr P is also a staunch advocate of marine reserves and has run a one-man campiagn in the ODT to force the closure of Nugget Point to all fishing. Occasionally economical with the truth about the alleged benefits of such non-extractive marine zoos.