Friday, 5 February 2010


"Not my cousin," was a phrase we used to use a lot. It was said when a relative did something that was embarrassing, invoking an act of emotional terrorism that blew your family apart.

Now all Maori are supposed to be related. So - why is it that the most embarrassing acts always come from Nga Puhi?

Their attitude to the media is silly, spurious and in the past its been racist.

They bring shame on all Maori.

The latest move is to charge the media to cover events on Te Tii Marae

And we were appalled that any of the media stumped up with any cash at all.

For once the media club should have stuck together. They should have walked away told them to stick the whole day up their collective sorry brown arses.

New Zealand is so over this posturing, elitist, isolationist shit.

Waitangi Day has become a national joke - a sad embarrassing day - nothing to be proud of. Its a tatty little sideshow run by arrogant little minded people.

The good thing is we think that this petulant bunch of posturing wankers and wankeresses are not representative of the true heart and collective mind of our country.

John Key says today that he doesn't really see the need to do much about the flag. We think he is so very wrong.

We have been watching the flag debate with interest. And you can taste the desire for change. People are talking about it on the buses , on trains, in bars and coffee houses.

We finally feel proud of ourselves as a country. We are happy to listen to ourselves on the radio and watch ourselves on TV.

After years of trying to copy America and Britain we seem to have got to that place where we know who we are.

However, we think it is time for the Government to take the energy for change and help mould our nation for the future. It will be testy but we need to be brave and have that debate.
We want a new flag. A big fucking bold proud as - Flag.

And we want a National day to go with it that speaks of our Nation and its place in the world today.

It is Time for New Zealand Day - a real holiday where we celebrate all that we have been, all that we are and all that we want to be.

And we see no reason for it to be centred on Waitangi. Its far to big and important to be held in a place full of intellectual and social pygmies.


Shane Pleasance said...

Just a simple bold golden fern on a black background for a flag and a constitutional Republic. Australia, out of the way.

Anonymous said...

A flag with a weed that is not even unique to nz. You are kidding.

How about the fact that we call ourselves Kiwi, are known around the world and have been know for 120 years as Kiwi's and we give away Kiwi badges. We are kiwi's and its time we stopped having this foolish identity crisis and told the world that we are proud Kiwi's.Gees I can't relate to a piece of weed especially one that looks like a white feather. Put that on a flag and go to aussie for a rugby game and we will be laughed at all the way home and rightly so.

H Stewart said...

Loved this post ( althouh something went funny when I tried to put up a comment hopfully it will work this time )actually loved it so much copied and pasted into my myspace blog with a link back.

Anonymous said...

I rather like the colours/style of the NZ Naval Board flag

Pop a more NZ-centric icon in there instead of an anchor and Bob's your uncle.