Tuesday, 9 February 2010


We are not surprised by the contents of this leaked email.

It clearly shows

  • Petty mindedness.
  • Excellence is not a goal.
  • Success is not celebrated
  • No team spirit

What a lilliputian minded wank. Why don''t they get rid of the complete waste of time programmes that have audiences in single figures? Here's a leaked email that shows how venal RNZ management is. We think it is really a sad bit of politicing. Wont work. Too silly for words - even without pictures.

Entries have been called for the 2010 New Zealand Radio Awards

Radio New Zealand announced last year that it would withdraw from the New Zealand Radio Awards. Radio New Zealand will not be making an entry in any categories of the awards in 2010, nor will it be paying a contribution towards the administration or sponsorship of the awards.

This decision was announced as one of a several measures to reduce costs in a year when funding constraints will put severe pressure on Radio New Zealand's operating budget. Money saved as a result of our withdrawal from the awards will be used to support core Charter requirements.

Radio New Zealand staff may choose to submit an independent entry to the awards, however, anyone considering an entry on their own behalf should first discuss those intentions with their manager.

An individual entry must be your own work, in your own name, rather than for a programme. Entry fees for independent submissions will be paid by the individual. All preparation needs to be completed outside normal work hours without asking operators or other staff to assist you. Final sign off
for Radio New Zealand copyright material will still be required from your manager.

A new and substantially changed format for the 2010 New Zealand Radio Awards has been announced by the New Zealand Radio Industry Awards Committee. Web technology will play a significant role in the 2010 Awards with the submission of entries, judging and the presentation of the awards themselves
all being conducted online. The timetable for entry is much later than in previous years because of the online process.

A call for entries was made last week and submissions close on Monday 1st March 2010.

The New Zealand Radio Awards web address is : http://radioawards.co.nz/


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Doug said...

Radio NZ is run by the left for the left and like the left have no ideas, absolutely no forward thinking.