Friday, 26 February 2010


We had a lunch with Cactus and a gang of young and eager ACT boys who are involved in the ACT conference this weekend. Had fun this week with Cactus. Talking shit and politics... in a week where there was a bit to talk about. Best night was Arbitrageur . Drunk a bit of Monteiths as well...

Lunch today was at Dockside.
Food was average. But we did just order the fish and chups. Fish was not quite as fresh as it should have been. She had a duck pasta and reckoned it was pretty salty.

Sons girlfriend , Lanita has just won the ANZ inhouse photography comp called "ANZ in your world," and has an extra hundy in her pocket. She is mastering her SLR very quickly. And the idea of the ANZ written in coffee was quite creative.

And we are in the Wairarapa for the weekend.. YAY!

It looks like the paddocks might contain some tasty fungi. Yummo mushie soup!

And fav mushy soup recipe.

Sweat off some spring onions and just a rasher of bacon or prosciutto in butter then cut up some mushies and add a bit of white pepper... Do a roux - thats the flour and butter mix - then add some milk or cream depending on how much coating you have on your arteries.

Then chuck all the nice ingredients in with the white stuff stir and sprinkle over some parsley...

Done ...

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