Monday, 15 February 2010


The latest in publicity stunts by the Sea Shepherd has been rolled out in the Southern Ocean with Eco -Dork Peter Bethune raiding the Japanese Whaling vessel . Seems he wants to make a claim for $3million for his broken toy the Ady Gil.

What a tit. Any idiot looking at the footage can clearly see that it was Bethunes poor seamanship that put his vessel at risk.

And while last time the eco terrorists decided to board a whaling vessel there was a anti whaling vessel waiting in the wings to take them off when they got sick of whale sashimi.

This time Bethune is going to have to wait it out.

The Sea Shepherd society says that the Japanese will have bring him back to their boats - they aren't going to get him. Duh. The Japanese skipper wont be doing anything but carrying out his lawful business - whaling. It was Bethune's choice to board the vessel. So he is going to have to suck it up.

We hope he gets chucked in the bilge or the anchor locker - as we doubt the whalers will be keen to give up their bunks for the grandstanding wanker.


alex Masterley said...


I thought Bethune had sold the thing to Sea Shepherd so how can he seek compensation for something he dosen't own. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

On the button comment. A friend in Japan tells me the Fisheries Minister there has confirmed Pete Buffoon will be taken back to Japan to face charges. Excellent. Feed him whale meat all the way and then prosecute the idiot.

Anonymous said...

What a fame-whore numpty. Keep him in the brig until they get back to Japan and then charge him with piracy (unauthorised boarding of a vessel).

This isn't even news in Japan - we skype the in-laws several times a week and this rates lower than the emporers bowel movements in their newsworthyness scale.

When he finally makes it back to NZ he should then be charged for all the diplomatic time effort he is taking.


Anonymous said...

You know, we don't use the work "dork" enough these days.

I agree.

Ross Bolton said...

a highly misleading interpretation of a very selectively framed video. other video evidence has shown your interpretation to be BS. I hope the whalers are paying you for this - you shouldn't have to disseminate japanese propaganda on your own time and at your own expense.