Sunday, 14 February 2010


Now, while we know that the Aussie Rock is not the most romantic bugger in the universe, occasionally he surprises. We got the second book in the Millennium Trilogy " The girl who played with fire. That was pretty good. We also got a card. It wasn't silly or schmaltzy - it was just right. It was all about being together forever. And it was propped up on a vase of roses on the bench.

They were our roses but the Rock had to walk down the drive and pick them, as they are the only roses on the whole place - and doesn't do walking for no good reason - he is a very purpose driven walker so there was a lot of effort and thought went into it and we reckon a sprinkle of the L word.

We are blessed...

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alex Masterley said...

Sounds like he's a good bloke.
We are drinking some Moet to celebrate.
With 2 under 5 it's very difficult to get the time together to do it!