Wednesday, 3 February 2010


One of the BOIL's best mates( and now a good one of ours) did the swanning around Europe having a good time thing recently... she did a blog, which sadly we have only just caught up on, called psudonim

she has some great travel tips... like .....

• You can ask any price for anything some idiot will pay

• Shoving a snake in someone’s face doesn’t mean you will get some action

• Sensible shoes and cobblestones are not necessarily a match made in heaven

• It’s ok to be called an Australian if the only other alternative is American

• Drinking plenty of bottled water in hot countries is only good when you know you will find a bathroom

• Shopping can be a hobby

• If you plan to stow away under a bus don’t wear your good shoes

• Trying the local wine is not always the a good option

• It’s important to give back, massages and manicures help the local economy

• If a taxi driver grunts when your luggage is tossed in the boot it will cost you

• Marcus Brutus and Marcus Aurelias lived 300 years apart

• Don’t believe everything the tour guide tells you

The rest are here - its a bloody fantastic read.....

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