Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Jasons travel publishers have issues up a challenge to all Southlanders - share your secrets. Seems that today's travellers look for the uniqueness in destinations. Couldn't agree more. A recent tour to the outbacks took us to some pretty cool places but it was the intrinsic uniqueness of specific towns that people really looked for.

So here's ten things that we know about Southland we think are cool.

There are the remains of an old whaling base in Paterson Inlet on Stewart Island.

The sun always shines on the old neck beach in Paterson Inlet.

There is a smugglers cove in Pegasus Inlet that you can only find if you know where to look.

There is a shag breeding colony in a roadside swamp between Riverton and Orepuki.

The reservoir at Bluff has the biggest fresh water crayfish ( koura) aka crawlies you ever did see.

The best cheese rolls ( and coffee ) in Southland are at Zookeepers.

The mouth of the Eglington on Lake Te Anau as the sun goes down is so breathtaking it will make you cry.

Ruapuke mutton is the best in the world because the sheep sometimes graze on salt loving plants.

The Dunsdale Picnic ground inthe Hokonuis is one of the best in the world.

and the 10th?

Smallcraft inlet next to Port Pegasus where the Sealions play in the old forest...


Sally said...

Where in Southland is the Dunstan Picnic ground?

Unknown said...

:-)Hedgehope go East a bit then North a bit.

Shane Pleasance said...

Mavora Lakes and the river that connects them - snow or shine.

Shane Pleasance said...

A pint of Invercargill Brewery's Stanley Green (at room temperature) - on tap, poured by one of Alan Arnold's Dream team - outside at Buster Crabbes on a warm summer evening.