Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well we are underwhelmed. We looked at our last bill and it appears we got a measly 12 bucks credit for the last little XT meltdown.

So we went onto the Telecom web site to find out what was the latest news this time . Down in the bottom right hand corner is a wee XT button taking you to a statement re the outage. It was almost too small to register...

Sorry PR 101 - It should have been the dominant feature of the home page. Why no direct texts saying sorry? We don't feel that this is a personal response - rather a mass apology. It would have been so easy for them to make it a little more personal..
We do not want any more Telecom people ringing to tell us that a switch to XT will mean will save money..We only stay with Telecom because of the coverage. We wont upgrade the blackberry to the XT system until we are convinced its safe so have to endure the outrageous bills on the old system. 3 Telecom salespeople have said that we will save $100 a month upgrading to XT so we are being financially disadvantaged by the lack of integrity in the XT system because we are forced to delay the change over.

We expect more.

Sorry Telecom.. we remain unimpressed.....

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