Friday, 19 February 2010


RNZ is following the Ali Mau school of using your employers money for self promotion. RNZ staff and board are bleating because they cant face change. Government departments have begun the painful but necessary exercise of cutting the cloth to fit reducing budgets. RNZ, which is just a noisy government department, is choosing to indulge in both overt and covert campaigns to garner public support to continue in their present stodgy fashion.

The story of the " crisis" they are facing is running hot on their own news broadcasts and a Facebook has started and already has 3000 members which isn't bad going and it will include a fair share of luminaries.

Some media wags are looking at cake stalls and the like to prop up the books on Facebook .

Noelle McCarthy Fundraising lunch in the tearoom at Hobson St. so that RNZ reporters can enter the Radio Awards. Would the Minister like us to save him a sausage???

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9 hours ago
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
Have anyone a fiver???

Now we like RNZ - we want it to survive but are convinced that some of the staff and a better more commercially focused board could change the way it operates without fundamentally changing the way it presents its programmes.

The thing is there is plenty they can sell, plenty that is commercial. The RNZ brand Sean Plunket is the obvious choice. Not only could he be sponsored on air - he could be sold off after hours with him reaping some of the benefit and RNZ taking a management fee. He's got to be good for $300 k a year if managed right. And it would sort out the argy bargy he has with them over not being able to do stuff after hours.
Who incidentally has 1.2 million links on Google.

As for sponsors? Hmm Stihl chainsaws? Kenworth Trucks? Jeep Cheerokee? Champix maybe?

And same with Kim Hill, actually no on reflection we can't think of a single sponsor for vinegar tits.

And they should bring back Noelle McCarthy - in an afternoon slot. She is good.

She would definitely be a good earner.


Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer Geoff, Sean's co-presenter on morning report. I'd buy a cake to keep him on air ;-)

Nick Kelly

Cactus Kate said...

I listened to Geoff and Sean for the first time ever driving in the mental car this morning.

Have to say, why can't we have Sean without Geoff? Appalling.

Anonymous said...

Got 2.77 million google links - Does that make me worth more than Plunkett? What's your management fee?
Fran O'S