Saturday, 20 February 2010


We just went for a quiet stroll throught the centre of Wellington - its full of what we call SORBS Self absorbed Students. they are like a gathering swarm as the halls of education get set to start the year. And the SORBS dont know the road rules.

It was like unorganised sqaure dance out there in pavement land. They wander in big clouds of four of five - totally absorbed in their inane patter " like totally" and don't give a shit for the other citizens they share the footpath with.

Wellingtonians operate with a well recognised code for pavement travelling - it mirrors some well know road rules suchs as

  • Keep left.
  • Dont weave all over the road
  • No wide loads
  • Giveway to oncoming trafffic
  • Be courteous,
  • No honking yer horn unless it necessary.
We also have more than a passing suspicion that there could a bit of P fuelling the SORBS. There seemed to be an air of aggression and tension we haven't seen before and there were some dead eyed SORBS out there ...
We say bottles flying and a group of otherwise normal looking guys ( apart from the dead eyes bowl over some pavement signs. They didn't move like they were drunk - and they looked like the incredible hulk just before he turns green.

Ugly. We wont go out after dark.

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