Thursday, 25 February 2010


We managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at Shed 5 today.Its owned by Simon Gault of Masterchef NZ fame. We were with some mates , one of who was a very well known and highly respected Wellington chef.

He had a big problem with his steak.. It was not good.

Now we are seriously big fans of one of the Wellington dishes we think all food lovers should try - Snapper Pie at Arbitrageur. Comfort food at its finest.

Today we had the crab and prawn pot at Shed Five - it was crap. We do a better fish pie on a bad day with cheap fish.

However we have to say that since Stephen Morris is running front of House the service is impeccable. And the French waiter was superb.

Shame about the food.


Anonymous said...

how many kilos down BB? how many weeks to go until the big 50 BB?

Anonymous said...

Well, Simon Gault is judging the Big Jam-On in Wellington at the Old Bank Building today, so he must be a good chap!
Time to give Shed 5 another chance, BB....

euminedes said...

we think he is a very good chap - but can you give us more details on the Big Jam on?