Monday 22 February 2010


Well well well, looky here. It appears that RNZ staffers are allowed to be sponsored after all.

RNZ puts out a glossy little internal publication skite sheet called Sound bites.

Paul Bushnell and Adam Macaulay have been invited by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to attend this annual event held in Iran, running from 26 - 29 May. Adam will be taking part as an ABU jury member, and helping to run an ABU Prizes Backpack workshop on drama (for broadcasters from all over Asia) which runs before the festival. Paul will be contributing some papers to the adjacent radio forum, and chairing some of its sessions as well. All costs for the trip are covered by the conference organisers, the IRIB (Islamic Revolution of Iran Broadcasting agency).

It is headed by this arsehole Ezzatollah Zarghami who tells lies. He is chief propaganda fella for Iran.

Sound Bytes #140 19 February

We think that this plain wrong on too many fronts to list.

This trip should not be allowed to go ahead. and it sets a very dangerous precident.


Anonymous said...

LOL, referencing wikipedia and spouting off on topics you know nothing about - Iran. This blog's like a fart in the face.

Unknown said...

Two Radio New Zealand staff members have been invited to take part in an international radio festival and conference in Iran, but the invitation came not from the IRIB organisers but the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the umbrella agency for public broadcasting in our region. Our staff are not representing Radio New Zealand, but are attending on behalf of ABU, and if that organisation had not issued the invitation, they would not be attending.

John Barr
Communications Manager
Radio New Zealand

euminedes said...

Sorry John,
The reason they are there is they work for RNZ. They are presenting on stuff they have done at RNZ so no matter how you try to spin this - they are for all intents and purposes there as representatives of RNZ.

Trying to say that they do not represent RNZ is silly. Are you and they going to download the presentations they are giving? Are they totally devoid of any references to RNZ?