Sunday, 21 February 2010


We were not surprised to see that Malcolm Chaston the arsewipe charged with murdering Vanessa Pickering has Nazi connections.

Interestingly we discussed the violent and nasty underbelly that exists in Christchurch with some journalists and PR types, of who most were ex journos, over lunch on Friday. We all agreed that Christchurch had a very nasty underbelly.

In another life we advised the government on gang issues - in particular strategies to combat the rise of white power gangs in the South Island in the 80's.

The white power gang movement has always had a strong focus in Christchurch and Timaru.
They operate at a different level than ethnic gangs who tend to have a family centric approach to their structure and support.

We remember a very simple example of the basic differences in the gangs. Inmates once a week used to be able to buy "treats such as chocolate bars and lollies once a week. Some would have more money earned from prison work than others. So they used to pool their stuff and share it among the gang.

That never ever happened with the White Power gangs.

While the Ayrian Brotherhood, Fourth Reich, Skinhead types are groups with a common philosophical interest but their structure and operation is based on individual action. It is much more of an uber extreme political group. Absolute hatred is part of their mantra. They have no respect for women and are extreme racists.

They are like shithouse rats - very cunning , very committed but not necessarily smart.

We still think that they are the second most dangerous gang grouping in the country. Second only to the Headhunters who have become powerful, socially accepted drug dealers to the rich and famous.

Either way the police should be doing all it can to ensure that we do not see a rise of these gangs again like we did in the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that White supremacy gangs cause greater social problems per capita than other gangs? Or do you just despise gangs with a particularly nasty ideology?

dad4justice said...

To get a patch in the jail gang the Fourth Reich,you must kill.

Simple as abc...

Anonymous said...

d4j has his