Sunday, 14 March 2010


We practice what we preach. We live with an aussie. At times a testy union but mutally beneficial as most good unions are.

We think it is both logical and inevitable that we end up joined up with our trans Tasman kissing cousins.

Economically it makes good sense and if we think that on the world stage we are big enough to be heard above the noise - we are dreaming. The rest of the world already thinks we are just a state of Aussie .

So we are happy for the grand union - but they can keep their ants and snakes.



I see the benefits of a Trans Tasman union too.
Anyway, I just thought I would let you know I am back in business.
The Fairfacts Media Show has a new home at
There’s a few little things to iron out but much for you to enjoy already.
Do drop in to say hello!
All the best

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Anonymous said...

Assuming the Aussies would want this, which I doubt.
Why would they want to be attached to an economic deadweight?
I can't see the Aussie taxpayer wanting to fork out to the treaty industry either.