Wednesday, 3 March 2010


We have been a Weight Watchers drop out. We lost 20kgs in about 4 months. We reckon that it had more to do with 20-30 mins on a cross trainer EVERY day than the diet.
It took us 18 months to put it back on and that had more to do with selling the cross trainer that the diet.

One of the things that Weight Watchers relies on is little morsels of heavily processed food. There was always a heavy loading of salt. And it was at least 20% more expensive than comparable processed crap.

So fatties get sucked in to snacking on overpriced weight watchers shit. It was one thing we were always deeply suspicious of.

The good thing about Weight Watchers is that is teaches you about portion control.

The bad thing is you can end up snacking on very expensive salty stuff all day and still stay within your "points".

Weight Watchers is not about healthy eating at all.

It's bout eating their bad- for- you crap. Crap that is so processed it will last a year on a supermarket shelf.

We were wondering if we should go back to Weight Watchers for a kick start. Its good for that, but not after today.

Their dance with the McDonalds devil has us gobsmacked. McDonalds is oversalted over processed crap. Its not healthy.

We would rather lose weight slowly than join an organisation that promotes shit food.


Pip said...

Thanks. You just summed up my feelings about Weight Watchers and their deal with McDonalds. I was a Weight Watchers member many years ago and our leader was 'fired' when she brought in a couple of non-Weight Watchers sanctioned personal trainers to discuss exercise (no sales involved). I remember her discussing the way Weight Watchers used to give more points to food high in fat than it did to sugary, salty food. Hence the ability to market poor-quality, processed food at a premium.

stef said...

The other thing to watch for in weight watchers or Jenny Craig (forget which one) stuff is sugar. My mother tried their programme and had to quit due to sky-rocketing blood sugar levels.

Anonymous said...

You can take what you like out of the weight watchers programme but at the end of the day their products which yes, they do promote, are just part of a huge array of food choices. You can always choose NOT to buy them/eat them/moan about them.
McDonalds has plenty of healthy choices, the light wraps and smoothies and WATER which they will always happily hand out.
I have recently lost 10 kilos with weight watchers and never ate one of their products. As it was over summer there was plenty of salad,vegetables, fresh fish, berries etc which they also push very hard in their printed material and meetings. They also teach people how to cook in a more healthy way with excellent alternative ways of making delicous food from every day ingredients.
Exercise is an important part of the programme as well and all sorts of exercise are encouraged. Exercise also helps with your metabolic rate which means you burn your food more effective/efficiently, however it cannot compensate entirely for too much alcohol/fat/sugar and the programme encourages you to get this consumption under control.
Another great thing about the programme is it teaches you how to distract yourself from the need to jam in more food which you are probably eating to fill some need other than genuine hunger - loneliness, boredom, habit etc. Perhaps you just struck a not so good leader/meeting?
I have probably missed your point, but do not like to see a programme which has helped many many people lose weight and keep it off bagged so comprehensively.
On a balanced note, I do not like the magazine too much as there is far too much promotion of their products. (inevitably)