Monday, 15 March 2010


David Farrar seems to have a fascination with our past sex life.

Not sure why - it may have something to do with this little blog.

Now Farrar was reporting on a story in the Herald that says we kiwi gals are the most sexually experienced women in the world.

Its based on frequency - apparently we have about 2o sex partners in a lifetime.


We can honestly say that we have surpassed the national average but we were never the seducee that often. And we weren't a push over either - we needed a good poke.

Now here is our theory - we kiwi sheilas have so many partners because it takes that many to find a decent one.

There are a lot of dud roots out there.

And remember that in the 70's and 80's there was bugger all on TV worth watching so sex was a recreational activity - pure and simple.

By the nineties we were all too scared to even kiss much because of AIDs and herpes.

So it would be interesting to see the batting averages for each decade.

They are the sorts of figures that would get the stats meister Farrar really frothy.

Now Kiwi women, we think, are very discerning so the fact that we try 20 before we buy shows we have some class.

And it pretty hard to tell if someone is a lousy shag. Guys that look good enough to eat leave a sour taste after you realise that they feed on their own ego.

Personal referrals don't tend to be the best. Just because your mate and you both love the same movies and shoes does not mean you have the same desires and needs from a bloke.

Size does not matter. Touch does.
And Mr Boring and Dull can end up being the uber lover.

Successful and powerful men have their own unique attraction and while the waves of passion at first can be intense - the tide soon goes out. The self absorbed man is only ever good for the zipless fuck.

And as for that age old question how many is too many?

Too many is when you meet old lovers again and cant remember a damn thing.

You lament the fact that you wasted an hour of your life. And life is too short to waste a minute on crap sex.

Sexual politics is fascinating and has changed considerably in the last few decades. We think we are back to the 70's and 80's type attitudes again.

Is that a good thing? Well all we can say those were the years we were in our prime and we can still remember their names -well at least twenty of them so we reckon that makes us pretty normal.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "it takes that many to find a good one."

There's quite a lot of basically ineligible blokes out there. Given there's already more women than men in the country, it would be quite good if they smartened their acts up a bit. They don't need to be fabulous-looking, but behaving well, being able to financially support themselves and being a good shag would be an excellent start.