Tuesday, 2 March 2010


We have it on good authority that Cactus is having a man drought. So why would you waste 5 dozen lust inducing oysters in one sitting????

While she is worried about her digestive system we are worried about hot blokes in Auckland.

The sex enhancing properties of oysters are well known to linger for a few days - so if someone can get past the cloud of ethanol that Cactus will be exuding after two weeks on the piss then our bet is she will be up for a bit of the noisey oyster dicky do dance with just about anyone with a coozer.


Cactus Kate said...


Spoken like someone jealous of my catch from yesterday.

5 dozen oysters and bubbles all afternoon is better than most sex.

Shame you didn't come up for it. The phrase pig in shit would never have been more appropriate. You also speak the same language as the shucker bloke.

Reggie said...

"Cactus" needs to lie down on the couch of a reputable psychologist and trace back the seminal causes of her "man" issues.

That contrived Samantha Jones act makes me wanna puke

Cactus Kate said...


You are clearly a repressed homo or an Australian.

Samantha Jones scores daily. I don't.