Wednesday, 10 March 2010


We caught up with a dear friend tonight. You know the worth of friends when you haven't actually seen them for months but it just seems like hours. There are no social dances required. Its about trust - wrapped in easy relaxed conversation.

Anyway, we were at Vivo - Enoteca Cucina- a lovely wine bar in Edward Street which we don't visit often enough. Its a bar for the lovers of wine. However - the food is pretty average. We had a tasting plate. Note to kitchen; truffle oil does not have to dress everything to impress.
Good stuff - the pate
- the polenta chips were surprisingly good but calamari was soggy
- meatballs were too "sausagy" and the arancini balls were tasty but had the texture of well used gonads of a week dead possum.

The mussel fritters were inedible.

However, tonight we supped on a magnificent Spanish red - a grenache- Papa Luna Calatayud 2007.

It was bloody fantastic. Raspberry and smoky. Bit like our friendship really.

Memo to self - we should work on being a better friend.


Anonymous said...

How's the weight loss programme going BB?

medusa said...


Anonymous said...

Hey BB, wish I was with you, i never went to that bar enough times... wine sounds great, I need to find a few vinos over here worth mentioning... Den Haag is not a bad city... miss ya

Anonymous said...

Memo to self - we should remember our fab and 50 is not so far away.

pdm said...

I know what you mean about old friends. A few years ago we caught up with a couple we had been friendly with in the late 70's early 80's for the first time in over 20 years.

We all commented as we wnt our separate ways again how it had been like only a week or so since we had last met up.