Thursday, 11 March 2010


We read this story on Stuff - apparently the swinging dick skin heads are not going to take an invasion of Hells Angels into Nelson lying down. We were particularly interested in the following quote. We reckon - it is a criminal threat. We wonder why the police aren't acting on it. We would expect if it is taped then they can charge "Max "with threatening to kill among a whole host of other offences as well.

The threat has come from Southern Skinheads president "Max" who told Newstalk ZB the Angels were not welcome in Nelson because they would bring P with them. "We will burn any pub they drink at, any motel they stay at and may take it to the extent we will probably try to shoot them off their motorbikes," he said.

We hope that the local police show zero tolerance. And we are pleased to see that the charities are shunning the bikies as well.

Doing " charity runs" has been a long established method of the gangs to get legitimacy in the community.

No charity should take their money - its dirty.

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Anonymous said...

Charity runs are a great way to move interesting packets from port cities to manufacturing cities.

All those bikes, all those pannier bags. My my imagine what you could carry.