Monday, 29 March 2010


Many in the Terrace public servant community have been all a twitter in the last week or so - It seems that Mrs Barry Soper, the lovely Heather du Plessis Allan has been driving a very nice big and very new silver BMW everywhere. So people were asking  - had Barry or his effervescent missus won Lotto. Had Barry bought his missus the car? 
We put that question to Barry today and he  informed  Roarprawn that  he's a Jag man thru and thru  (he has a spanky new S type one)  and the Beemer is a loan car.

Apparently Mrs Soper has her oldish VW Golf on Trademe. And by Mr Sopers reckoning it might fetch as much as a set of tires on the Jag. 

The rumours were much more interesting than the facts.

For the record  - we here at  Roaprawn  - like Mercedes and Volvos. 


Anonymous said...

seriously? public servants care what two political journos drive? I doubt they even notice.

Cactus Kate said...

Volvo? Bloody nanas car.