Monday 22 March 2010


We heard some sad news yesterday - an old mate, Rohan Jays passed away in Maimi.

Rohan was a well known Wellingtonian publican and man about town. We first arrived in Wellington on July 20 1998 . We drove all the way from Invercargill - parked at the Portland Towers and headed to the Old Bailey( Now the Occidental). It was the haunt for public servants, politicians, sportsmen, criminals, rich bastards, poor bastards and bastards of no account at all.
The hallmark of the pub was that everyone mixed and mingled - crims stood elbow to elbow with the rich- the famous and the influential and chewed the fat over a beer at the end of the day.
Rohan ran a good ale house and treated everyone the same. If we had a guest in town he always seemed to find a ticket for them to see the footy game on that weekend.

He wasn't perfect and had a colourful past but we know one thing for certain - he was a great dad to his kids, a loving son to his parents, a great brother and he was a superb friend to those he liked and he always treated Bustedblonde like a lady.

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Anonymous said...

He lived briefly out on Rangitikei Line near Palmy in the mid-80s. What you say about him is all true.