Monday, 15 March 2010


The Sea Shepherd Society is sending its head dork to NZ to stir up anti Japanese sentiment in the name of anti whaling.

This is part of the missive they have sent to supporters

We believe that John Key has misread the minds and hearts of New Zealanders in regards their relationship to the environment, and his proposal to reinstate commercial whaling after a 24- year moratorium is one example of the growing credibility gap between current government policies and the wishes of the New Zealand people. This is a values clash that cannot be negotiated.

Our response to this will be heard loud and clear this Friday 19th and Saturday 20th March in Wellington. Sea Shepherd’s founder Captain Paul Watson will be here Friday and Saturday; the Steve Irwin will arrive in port at Queen’s Wharf late Friday evening and be open to the public on Saturday, departing for the Galapagos Islands Saturday night. Here are the issues we will be addressing:

- Pete Bethune is going on trial in Japan when the real criminal, the Japanese skipper of the security vessel Shonan Maru No.2, who deliberately attacked and destroyed the Ady Gil, goes free in Japan. We will be showing our support for Pete, and inviting other organisations to join us.

– John Key’s flawed plan to resume commercial whaling goes on trial in the Court of New Zealand public opinion, with Labour’s Chris Carter leading the charge.

- The Australian government has threatened to take Japan to an International Court in November over continued violations in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.
Our government has refused to back this move, although they claim to want closer relations with Australia. We will ask why they are ignoring an issue that has commercial and environmental implications for both countries.

-The 47 signatories to the Antarctic Treaty meet in the USA next month. We want to see an environmental pollution complaint against Japanese whaling interests on the meeting’s agenda.

- Glen Inwood’s role as spokesman for the whalers and in supplying dis-information to the New Zealand government and media will be revealed to the public, along with his connection to Japanese commercial interests in New Zealand.

What a crock. The Steve Irwin is a pirate ship and should not be allowed to dock.


Unknown said...

However you are you are indeed a very ignorant person. In fact the SSCS ships are free to dock in NZ -guess who is not? Yep the 'illegal' Japanese whaling ships. In the absence of Government/s action to take Japan to the IJC over its various whaling violations the SSCS, supported by many people all around the world, does its best not only to protect whales but to bring the shameful Japanese whaling into the public eye.
How do you know Glenn Inwood? perhaps you work for him?

Anonymous said...

Who will be on hand to counter the disinformation of Paul "if you don't know a fact, make it up on the spot" Watson? This shameless huckster takes credit for saving dozens of whales when the Shonan Maru 2 leaves early to transport trespasser Bethune back to Japan. If only the SM2 had a harpoon gun instead of water cannons! Small wonder he gets his 'saved' whale count so high; they are imaginary whales!

Anonymous said...

heh- Glenn Inwood, the mere Wellington hack, is about to fucked over by the the best US PR team- PR scum wars, should be great entertainment.