Thursday, 11 March 2010


Well they are at Air New Zealand . Click here for the story of Polly wants her cracker back.

We reckoned we were short changed a cracker or two with our cheese on an air New Zealand Koru hour flight late last year.

The Airpoints Fairy today delivered kapiti port wine, kikorangi blue and egmont cheeses with two big boxes of crackers. We shared them with our workmates and a few more people learned about the Fairy.

Since day one we thought that the Airpoints fairy was a great marketing concept. Its not that she grants really big wishes every day - although she has granted some pretty cool ones - its that every day she grants someone a wish. Ours was to get our cracker back.

We did - well done Air New Zealand.


Jann said...

very cool Go airpoint fairy

kehua said...

Tina you are a hopeless case I am afraid. Fuck me even my word verification is valiKAI. All is lost.