Sunday, 28 March 2010


We noticed a bit of traffic today from hitherto unknown quarters. We had a look see and it was coming from Dimpost. We dont read dim that much - we know he has a strong following on both the left and right simply because he understands and uses to great effect satire. However, to us, most of the time his satire seems more like its low brow cousin - sarcasm.

Anyway we think , (we apparently don't have the intellectual capacity for great thought) that Dim has called us a bobblehead. For a nano second we thought he might have meant booby head - but no we put on our nana portholes and read closely to see it was indeed bobble head. Which was a bit better than being called a sucky licky person.

Now we do not mind being called an intellectual pygmy , we have enough big brained mates to do all the grunt work for us , we are waay to busy to analyse everything this world has on offer but we are not nor will ever be an acquiescing bobble head. We might not be a deep thinker but we remain an independent thinker and we think a lot .Maybe its our frequency of thought that dilutes its potency.

n the matter of bobbleheads in fact we were famous for 3 minutes once for publicly giving Sir Tipene O' Regan a tiki bobble head so that he didnt have the worry of shaking his head off saying yes to all the deals the government offered him.

And for the record we supported the notion of Anti Earth Hour. But as we stated in a post linking to their blog site - we would be treating Earth Hour with the contempt it deserves - which for us meant ignoring it.

So Dim. We revel in our small brainedness but we remain staunchly independent in thought and in deed. And for the record Dim. We are cuzzies.


Patrick O'Brien said...

I enjoy reading your Blog, BB, and -- while I may not share your point of view on every post -- you speak with a voice that is real

Thank you!

CW said...

Bobble Head....... waaa ha ha. Perhaps Dim was more Piste than Post.