Wednesday, 3 March 2010


There is a God - he is called capitalism and he is worshipped by the Standard.

The spotty dicks over at the Standard have gone commercial - jooshing up their site with advertisments including one for beer. Good beer mind you - actually probably the best beer. Monteiths..

Funny really - we would have thougth that Monteiths was too sophisticated for socialists. we had the idea they would drink Tui... the beer you chew.

Still they remain tossers no matter what ale they quaff or take handouts from.



Unknown said...

Thanks for those tosser comments BB.

However I fell in love with Monteiths when I did an MBA at Otago in 1985. That was probably when you were still in diapers and puking for other reasons than bad seafood and excessive consumption.

Of course it wasn't that hard a choice, the alternative was Speights.

But it is always amusing to find someone so young using their arsenal of presumptions resurrected from some time before I was born.

But that is the modern right for you - mindlessly repeating hoary old attitudes without engaging their brains.

Neil said...

I'm confused - none of the beers discussed in this post are actually ales.

Cactus Kate said...

That is the nicest comment you have ever received on the blog BB.

"Someone so young". I mean shit how old is the guy with the girls name Prentice to say that? 107? lol

Whaleoil said...

LOL Lynne the guy with a girls is a sensitve wee fellow when ever his pet project is mentioned.

BB probably wiped your arse at Kindy Lynne.

If you did even the barest of research you would know BB actually outdates your sorry socialist, barefoot ass.

alex Masterley said...

Wot WO said!

alex Masterley said...

Back in those days Monteiths was a poncey wankers beer.
My views about the beer have changed since I left OU at the end of '84. I like it now.
My views about the people who drank it back then haven't changed though.
nuff said.

Unknown said...

Ah no young Johnny. Wrong again.

Perhaps you should do some research yourself. My minx of a niece hijacked my login and posted this last year on my 50th. So she is just a bit younger than I am (not that that matters much at our advanced age).

Ok, so BB is mindlessly repeating the hoary old attitudes she gained in her youth - without engaging her brain.

But at least you aren't talking to my partner Lyn this time - shows that even cretins can learn.

Unknown said...

Opps... typo - I typed cretins with reference to WhaleOil. Of course I meant to say... cetaceans

Unknown said...

Damn it Katie - was that an accidental compliment. I'm not good at those. They usually have to be wrested from me under duress.

Neil said...

I wasn't aware Monteith's made an ale...