Monday, 8 March 2010


We can hear the howls of protest as the impact of Rodney's Auckland Super City reforms start to bed in hear in Wellington. Aspiring super city leaders are suddenly are faced with the realisation that their 75% of the city's services will be run like businesses by independent directors.

The directors of the Council Controlled Organisation CCOS will be appointed by the government with no input from the local politicians.

Fantastic! its akin to the ERO taking a look at a school - finding its in disarray and appointing a commissioner to sort it out . Aucklands civic leaders have presided over piecemeal, ah hoc services for decades.
They are collectively responsible for the position that the beating heart of the country now finds itself in - clogged arteries.
So why the hell do they think that they should be entitled to have a say in who sorts the bloody mess out?

Go Rodney we say. Sort it. Bring in the toughest pragmatists you can find. Tough leaders with really big balls. The whole country will benefit from a durable solution.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you don't understand CCO's and their roles.

This beds in Silo thinking, and infighting. ATA are employing the TA staff - policy people etc in TA - but none in new Council.

So how can Council write an SOI? it doesn't have policy resource to decide what TA should do - so the first thing they will do is hire polict people - duplication - then infighting as Council policy person/CEO disagrees with TA CEO/policy on SOI content.......and once again Auckland is stuffed by Wgtn.

The govt has it so wrong, they've legislated "objectives" for TA - and economic development isn't even in there! also very weak on land use and co-ordinating transport with land use.